How does a setting works?

After the first contact via email, the initial setting is used to get to know each other. You can describe your topic more detailed, questions can be cleared and we can to find out whether we would like to work together.

Besides face-to-face settings, you can also choose between different online options. You´ll find the conditions, duration and prices in the descpritons of the different offers.

Sexual and relationship therapy can take place in an individual, couple or group setting. In a couple setting, another therapist may be brought in for the session. Therefore, the costs and duration are different from the standard rate when only one therapist is involved. In a larger constellation, another therapist is a condition for a setting.

I can't tell you exactly how many sessions we need. Maybe after the initial setting you realise that you have been able to work on your issue, maybe you need more. Maybe you want to work intensively on your issue and would like regular appointments at relatively short intervals, or a few appointments are enough to support you. Everything has its own time and its own pace.