Psychological counselling can be used as a preventive measure or to fill the gap until you get a therapy place. In individual settings, I support you in sorting out your issues, changing your perspective or gaining new ones and reorienting yourself. Depending on the arrangement, you can take a companion with you to the initial setting. The following topics might be adressed:

  • current conflicts, worries, doubts, fears, crises in the private and / or professional field
  • Changes you want to initiate yourself
  • troubles in holding your bounderies
  • Experiences and feelings they want to understand and reflect
  • Repeating difficulties (private / professional)
  • (re)gain a feeling for your own wishes and needs
  • and so on

Do you still have questions? Would you like to have psychological counselling, but the possible topics listed here do not quite meet your needs? Do not hesitate to contact me and we can clarify your questions or concerns together.


Psychological counselling starts as a preventive measure before a mental illness occurs in the sense of ICD-10. Therefore, it does not replace psychotherapeutic treatment and is not understood as a healing method.


I offer all in person settings online as well. Besides time, range and accessibility, flexibility and location independence play a role in online counseling. But other reasons can play a role as well, which is why people prefer to remain anonymous when it comes to intimate topics. It makes it easier for some to be able to talk or write about very intimate topics.

I would like to point out that a chat or telephone counseling in my eyes can not replace a consultation in which you see your counterpart. The topics can be diverse and whether your topic is suitable for an online or telephone consultation, we can only find out together.

per Video-call

You would like to take advantage of a consultation, but are not mobile, have less time flexibility or have other reasons to stay at home? Then this medium might be the right one for you.

I use redemedical or google-meets as tool. You will receive a link with an access code from me at the time of the appointment and can participate in the video call from any device. The only requirement is a browser. Thus, you do not need to install any additional apps or software. By using redmedical or google-meets, you agree to the terms of use of the provider, for which I bear no liability.

per telephone-call

You would like to have a personal conversation, but remain anonymous as far as possible? Then the telephone call is an option.

per chat

You prefer the shorter written form and still direct exchange? Then chat might be your medium. As a chat platform I use the services of Telegram/Signal/WhatsApp or SMS. If you do not have the app Telegram yet, please install it on your phone. By using the app, they agree to the terms of use of the provider, for which I bear no liability.

Duration and price

indivdual setting online, telephone or in person


initial setting*

60 Min - 90 Min           60 € - 90€


regulare rate*

60 Min.                          90 €

90 Min.                       120 €

Flexible within the session

Sliding Scale


initial setting

60 Min - 90 Min           60 € - 90€


regulare rate

60 Min.                           70€ -    90 €

90 Min.                           95€ - 120 €

Flexible within the session

further online counsseling / therapy

per Chat*




30 min

50 €

60 min

80 €


*Settings on the weekend or after 7pm will be charged with 20€ more on the basic price.

Counseling is not a therapeutical or treatment, so it can´t be billed through the statutory health insurance.


Normally psychological counsseling or therapy through a healing practitioner restricted to the field of psychotherapy (HPG) is not covered by the public health insurance. However, individual sessions might get paid partially or fully by the public health insurance, if you can prove that you have asked many other therapist but recieved rejections or an offers only in for exampe six months. Please check their conditions.