An artificial word composed of shibari (japanese for "to tie up") and bonding. This is what this selfexploration is about. Come with me on a journey. Only you know where it leads. Get in touch with me or with yourself. Maybe you will get to know yourself and your body in a new way.


ShibaBond alias sensual Bondage


What is that?

ShibaBond is of course my made-up word for a term that slowly became established: "sensual bondage". Shibari itself originally comes from Japan, which describes the act of tying up. It was used there at that time to tie up prisoners as effectively as possible (Hojōjutsu).


Is Shibari and sensual Bondage the same?

Yes and no. "Shibari" as described above is "just" the activity and an overall term to various bondage styles. Sensual Bondage describes the style in which the rope is used as a "tool" to go into connection. This can also extend into all sorts of "play" directions:
playful, dance-like, meditative, painful, erotic, sensual and whatever else you can think of. One thing it is not, however... pragmatic, undistanced and detached from my counterpart.


What happens when tying up?

No matter what bondage style the rigger has. Everything happens within the framework of consensuality and both bear (in the best case) the responsibility for their limits and needs. The period of time during which you are tied up is called a "session". How such a session turns out, how long or short it lasts, depends entirely on the Rope-Model and Rigger. It can be meditative, like a dance or fight, sexual, distant for practice or just to take pretty pictures.


What do I offer you?

Many inexperienced curious people don't know what Shibari can offer and can't even say what they want. Often I hera in conversation that they have no exact idea and just want to try it out. That's perfectly fine.

I offer the inexperienced curious and of course also experienced scene goers a safe space. In this space you can make your first, uninitiated experiences or express needs where the journey should go.


Roughly process:


The conversation

Before a session, we first talk with each other. I explain the risks and dangers and ask about ideas, desires, limits. So we can find out whether it fits at all between us or  maybe the sympathies are not there.

After this conversation both sides decide whether it should go further or not. This is particularly important in my eyes, because both should feel comfortable and safe, so that the experience is not unpleasant.


The tying up

I have only a limited control to what experiences you have while being tied up. Some experience security, relaxation, calm or a feeling of being allowed/able to let go. Others come to limits, fears, are confronted with loss of control or feelings of being at the mercy.

Being tied up can trigger many positive as well as negative emotions due to the limitation and dependence on the rigger. Therefore, it is important that you put yourself in hands (whether mine or others) that you can trust to some extent.


The recovery phase

This steage describes the process after of the session, when you are not tied up anymore. Again, each person needs something different. Others want physical contact, still others want their privacy. No matter what you need, I will continue to hold the frame until you are fully back. Afterwards we can talk about the session if you like.

The roughly process does not describe a script, a step-by-step experience. The journey leads into the unknown at the end. You can learn more about your own body, needs and desires and how to express them (non)verbally. How deep the connection goes is up to you. There are no hierarchies during the session, no top, no bottom. I hold the frame and accompany you on your journey.

Short info about me:

In 2015, I started my journey as a rope model and was regularly present in the then Shibari-Bar. There I could observe the students and learn via observation how the ropes are knotted.
About 1 1/2 years later, after I started as a rope model, I slowly moved to the other side and implemented what I had seen. I always found the communication and connection between rigger and rope model especially great to watch, but of course I also liked the patterns that were created. During my practice time, my partner, who already has many years of experience as a rigger, helped me. First I had to use a chair, then I tried some patterns on myself and in self-suspenion (hanging) to see if they were safe for others.

As a rope-model I got to know my body again new. I learned about my limits, physically, as well as emotionally, and how I can push them without feeling bad.
As a rigger, my goal in my sessions is to connect with my roping model. What then happens in the session always shows up spontaneously during the journey. In the process, the various feelings can come up, which I accompany, that we experience, that we may reflect on.


Since the end of 2022, I've been learning new ways to get in touch with my Rope model in a workshop by Unkownrigger (Unboundstudio Berlin). I learn new techniques, refresh my knowledge and learn new things. You never stop learning ;-)

Now to the actual topic, my ShibaBond-Offer:

"First Contact"

You are completely inexperienced with the ropes or have little experience? You have no idea at all what to expect or what you want? You still want to dare this journey in a safe setting?

For your first shibari-session we will stay on the ground. The roughly procedure requires some time. If you would like to go on this journey with me, please allow about 3 hours. It can be longer or shorter, that always depends on the process.


You are completely inexperienced, have only gained a few experiences or have already been in the scene for years?

With this form of bondage we´ll stay on the ground. It is suitable for all who either want to make their first experiences, want to aproach again carefully or simply prefer floorwork. Floorwork offers less risks. This allows the session to be more intuitive.

The roughly process requires some time. If you would like to go on this journey with me, please allow about 3 hours. It can be longer or shorter, that always depends on the process.


You already have first experience, or some more, or have been in the scene for a long time?

Semi-suspensions are bondages with which a rope model hangs with parts of her body in the air or totality only a few centimeters above the ground. This type of bondage offers some risks. It is suitable for those who want to approach suspension slowly or are returning to it. Thus, you should already have some experience.

The roughly process requires some time. If you would like to go on this journey with me, please allow about 3 hours. It can be longer or shorter, that always depends on the process.


You have already been able to gain some experience? You may have been in the scene for a long time and want to "fly" again?

The suspension, the bondage, which is probably the most sensational and risky. In this session, the rope model hangs in the ropes a few centimeters from the ground.

The roughly process requires some time. If you would like to go on this journey with me, please allow about 3 hours. It can be longer or shorter, that always depends on the process.

No matter if "First Contact", "Floorwork", "Semi-Suspension" or "Supsension". All sessions need their time. The classification serves as an orientation and maybe you already have some ideas in which direction it should go. Please write in the subject then one of the categories. If you don't have any idea at all, just write "Shiba-Bond" in the subject and we will find out together.

The sessions will take place in Potsdam-Babelsberg, near the S-Bahn station Babelsberg.



ca. 3 hours



250 €

For people with low income or financially difficult situations; do not be afraid to contact me, there is the possibility of a sliding scale or other payment options.

Here you can read some voices that have already made their experience with me. Or you have already made experiences with me and want to share it with others? Write your feedback.