Turned On - Intense under the sign of "together we are free"


In this workshop we want to look at different aspects of solidarity, connection, freedom and independency. To start the weekend, we offer you a cocoa ceremony.



What do these words mean to you? What do they mean within your relationship with others? Are these aspects two sides of the same coin, forming opposites that do not belong together? Or do you move on a continuum and the aspects show up sometimes more, sometimes less? Can these aspects complement each other or do they form a polarity?



Outside of the typical cognitive-verbal communication, you can learn to reflect these aspects in your life. In these exercises, no primary and/or secondary sexual characteristics are touched and clothing remains on. Be surprised where you land at the end and what these aspects means to you.



Hand mit Kakaobohnen

The cocoa can help additionally. It is considered a "teacher plant". It can show you or teach you something you might need right now in your life. Maybe you have a question that does not need to be spoken out. In the ritual and meditation you can focus on your question. You can connect with
the cocoa and discover a possible truth for yourself.


What is a cocao ceremony?


Cocoa ceremonies have their origins in ancient traditions of the Mayas and Incas. The ritual is said to have a heart-opening effect. The cacoa can help you to more clarity and self-determination. The cacoa can bring out feelings, release blockages, bring insights - strengthen intuition, life force and creativity



What awaits you?:


Samstag, 04.02.:   



10:00  - 10:30   Welcoming

10:15  - 11:15   Meditation

11:30  - 13:30   Shibari-Time

Alternative für andere


11:30  - 13:30   Impulsiv (5€ p.P.)

13:45  - 14:30  Walkthrough (5€ p.P.)

14:30  - 15:00  Feedback


We introduce ourselves and our work. You can share with us what you have brought with you and what you are expecting. Who wants, drinks cocoa.

For those who drank cocoa, there is now the opportunity to get in touch with themselves and the issues they brought with them.

For the others will also find a mindful entry into their topics, the group and the day ahead.

4 interested participants can be tied up by Marie. Registrations is urgently required.
Being tied up can bring you into contact with topics of letting go and releasing control.
Maybe you can enjoy this or maybe you want to get to know your limits better.
Marie will guide you attentively and make sure everyone is in good hands.

You have the possibility to pay attention to you r impulses and, if you like, perhaps give them the space to get an expression

15 Minuten Pause oder längere Mittagspause

At the end of the first day you will all have the chance to talk about the experiences you have had and to find a fitting end to the day.


different booking        Only Meditation                            20€ p.P.

booking options          Only Shibari                                   25€ p.P. 

                                      Cocoa + Meditation                      30€ p.P.

                                      Meditation + Shibar                      45€ p.P.

                                      Cocoa + Meditation + Shibari      55€ p.P.



What do you have to note, if you want to drink the cocoa?

  • We´re using a fairtrade cocoa. It will be vegan and sugar-free prepared with oat milk or water. Additionaly there will come some chili flakes in. If you are allergic to something (e.g. capsaicin = active ingredient in chili), please tell us so that you´re well during the ritual.
  • Please don´t eat anything for 3-4 hours before participation. If possible, eat only light food and vegan, as animal fats and proteins can weaken the effect of the cocoa.
  • Please drink only water 3-4 hours before participation in order to be able to exclude any interaction with various drinks (tea, coffee, sweet drinks, etc.).
  • Please be as silent as possible if you drop in or out, so that the others won´t be disturbed.

You don't need to have any previous knowledge or experience of cocoa. It's best to come without any ideas, drink the cocoa and let it happen.


However, we would like to advise people with heart problems or epilepsy not to participate, as well as pregnant persons up to the 3rd month. Likewise, people who are currently taking medication or have recently used drugs should take distance from participating. Cocoa may also interact with medications (especially antidepressants, antipsychotics) or be weakend by drug use.



Sonntag, 05.02.:


11:00  - 11:45   Welcoming

11:45  - 12:15   Open Space / moderated open discourse on the topic "autonomy vs. attachement" (15€ p.P.)

12:30  - 15:00   sexual map (45€ p.P.)

15:00  - 16:00   Playfight (15€ p.P.)

16:15  - 17:45   Souldance (10€ p.P.)


17:45  - 18:15  Feedback


Newcomers can introduce themselves. The participants of the previous day can reflect again.

We ask ourselves questions about our own boundaries, the desire for connection and how polarities can even fit together.

15 Minuten Pause

Through an art therapy method we explore our own range of experiences, intersts, dislikes and much more. All this we want to put on paper.
This is an individual exercise, but the evaluation is welcome to be shared.

Longer lunch break during the sexual map

15 Minuten Pause

The experiences of the two workshop days may break outward.
Your very individual expression - if you like.

At the end of the workshop, you will all get the possibility to talk about the experiences you have had and to find a fitting end to the workshop. We want to know what you take with you, what is stuck and what has touched you.


The special thing about our workshop is that you can drop in or out at any time of these programmpoints. Please write me, what you would like to book.



When:             Sa 04.02.2023 10:00  - 15:00 Uhr

                          Su 05.02.2023 11:00 - 18:15 Uhr


Location:        Praxis in der Remise

10999 Berlin


Price:               complete 04.02.2023        65€ pro Person

                          complete 05.02.2023       85€ pro Person

                          complete weekend:        150€ pro Person


You´ll find further booking options behind the programmpoints.


Come alone or together or in a group.


You would like to participate on the workshop(s), but you are low at income or financial struggles? Write us and we could find together a solution (payment in installments, social tariff, etc.).