Exploration of sexuality and relationship with artistic methods

We are involved in "process" and what is a "finished" object is not certain

Robert Motherwell


There is probably no area in which we are more involved with our being than in relationships. No matter whether it is in the relationship with other people or in the relationship to ourselves.

AMORNADI-Art.Core is a forum for cuious adults wanting to explore the tidal waves of sexuality and relationship dynamics in their life. Explore your patterns in relationship. Learn that you are not alone with your topics and get to know how others deal with their topics.

Where words are missing, images can help. Therefore, your process begins not with words, but with artistic tools. You think you can´t paint? You shouldn´t. Find your own expression. As Joseph Beuys said:

Everyone is an artist

The group is accomapiend by Dirk Schlegel (artist) and me, Marie Siebers (art therapist). We are trained in relationshipdynamic couple and sex therapy.

Everyone can join and every topic is welcome.

We have the following artistic materials waiting for you:

  • Paper in different sizes
  • Magazines for coallge work
  • Watercolor-, Colored pencils, Pencils, Wax crayons, Felt-tip pens
  • Oil-, Pastels

We have prepared small snacks for you, as well as tea, coffee and water.


Registration via Mail or contact form required due to limited space.



sexual bodylandscape

We offer yo to explore this topic. If you have your own theme you would like to explore, feel free to do so.





Rheinstraße 14

12159 Berlin


Costs: 50€ p.P.



26.05.2024 4 pm - 7 pm