Exploration with artistic methods

Everyone is an artist

Joseph Beuys


Every person has their own creative expression, even if we have often have learned the opposite in our art lessons. In our open studio you can find out, what this may look like. Develop yourself freely and give your own ideas space and time to see what migh emerges.

AMORNADI-open studio offers you the space for this once a month on Wednesdays. Dirk and I are happy to provide inspiration if required. Twice a year we exhibit together in our rooms. We prepare these exhibitions together in the group. 

We have the following artistic materials waiting for you:

  • Paper in different sizes
  • Magazines for coallge work
  • Watercolor-, Colored pencils, Pencils, Wax crayons, Felt-tip pens
  • Oil-, Pastels
  • acrylic paint
  • different paintbrushes

If you are still missing something you would like to work with, bring the material with you on your first visit. Then we can see if we can get it for you.
It is not possible to work with oil paints, as this can be disturbing for others due to the use of turpentine.


We have prepared small snacks for you, as well as tea, coffee and water.


Registration via Mail or contact form required due to limited space.




Rheinstraße 14

12159 Berlin


Costs: 30€ p.P.



every 3rd wednesday in the month

5 pm - 8 pm